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                          THE STORY SO FAR……. 2006

First off, I’m sorry for the delay of this epic tale of adventure from CHALLENGELAND. I really have no excuse, but I have been on the road for over three months and time is at a premium. It would never be my intention to deprive the fellowship of part of their fun. Now, on with the news and tales of CHALLENGE lore.

Everybody should know by now that BRANDON CUNNINGHAM, this year running under the FT GORDON banner. Is tearing up TOUR 06. On somewhat less than perfect course conditions <wet, cold and raining, and did I say cold?> in INDY, he ran what is still the fastest time of 06, with a 1:26.03. How wrong is that? Your not supposed to run mid 20s in April. That’s like KOBE BRYANT coming out and scoring 120 points on opening day, unheard of. The first sub 90 EVER on the opening round of the mighty CHALLENGE. And with his 1:26.59 in BRANDON MS at the CLEARCHANNEL FIREFIGHTER COMBAT CHALLENGE he owns the top two times of TOUR 06, followed by MIKE MELTONS 1:27.93. His only slips were to two time world champion MIKE MELTON <TRAVIS AFB CA> in VA BEACH at the STIHL MID ATLANTIC FIREFIGHTER COMBAT CHALLENGE. Another very wet event, but cool just the same. And to rising CHALLENGE star BRUCE FIELDS<GREENSBORO SAFE AIR NC>, at THE BASS PRO BLAST AT THE BEACH IV in MYRTLE BEACH SC, if it weren’t for a bad spill, who knows. That’s why we run the races. But two firsts and two seconds is not too bad you know. Oh and there’s that new WORLD RECORD thing in the TANDUM that he and BYRON McDONALD <PAUL DAVIS of OWENSBORO KY> set in MYRTLE BEACH with a 2:43.58. Not to mention a couple RELAY event wins with the boys from FT GORDON. Could it be BRANDONS year? He’s the guy to beat right now.

The spy network is buzzing about the year of the new faces on the podium The SILENT ASSASIAN TONY CAVALLO <ST CHARLES IL>, BRUCE FIELDS <GREENSBORO SAFE AIR NC>, BILL GATES <SAMS SQUAD>, and LONNIE LEWIS <TEAM RED EYE EXPRESS, CHESTERFIELD VA>, along with BRANDON <FT GORDON GA> all topping the podium for the first time this year, how cool.  And what of them, LONNIE has been a fixture on the CHALLENGE tours past, and has many runs to his record. Now he’s ripping up the course like never before, setting the top over 40 time of 06 in beautiful DEERFIRLD BEACH FL at the BEACH BLOWOUT, with a sweet 1:34.76. BRUCE finished in the top ten at worlds last year, and is running with the elite of the sport and more than holding his own. His hoist is world class and his game is at an all time high for TOUR 06, with two podiums, one of them a victory at THE BASS PRO BLAST AT THE BEACH and a top five finish already in the new season. TONY has had this first win in the works for awhile now, always right there, and now the final step to the top of the box at OSCAR’S FIREFIGHTER COMBAT CHALLENGE in ROCKFORD IL. A part of the world champion TANDUM team of the SAINTS, TONY will now add regional winner to his mantel. BILL was surprised when he got the win in DEERFIELD BEACH, but some had saw it on the way. Now running with SAMS SQUAD, TANK and the boys have BILL running wild on the course. Look for good things from him in the future. And BRANDON is, well kicking major CHALLENGE butt right now. Next up could be 2005 GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPION DAVID BOWMAN <CHARLOTTE NC>, who is always hammering the top guys right now.

PAT HARTLY <GAINESVILLE FL> set fast time for the over 50s with a 1:53.31 at MYRTLE BEACH in wonderful HORRY COUNTY SC. 2005 GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPION MIKE ANDERSON <TEAM PAUL DAVIS of YORK PA> and MR JESSE WALKER <GREENSBORO SAFE AIR NC> round out the top three times for 06. Well PAT has two of the fastest but all of them are CHALLENGE legends. LONNIE LEWIS we talked about holding the fast over 40 time. RICK PRYOR <MORTON GROVE IL> and 2005 WORLD CHAMPION  BRET YUNDT <TEAM PAUL DAVIS RESTORATION of GREATER LAFAYETTE IN> are the top of the 40s. Another WORLD CHAMPION from 2005, ANITA HORSLEY <DEKALB CO GA> has set the mark for the ladies in 06 with her 2:59.59 at INDY, in what was a warm up for her ANITA ran hard on a very slippery course. Look for her to turn some low teens this year. IRENA ELMSTROM <DEL RAY BEACH FL>, and DREA SWEETMAN <PAUL DAVIS RESTORATION of MIAMI DADE FL>  are the other girls in the top three on TOUR 06.

And in team news, FT GORDON <GA> holds the fastest time with a 5:01.09. Followed by the ever so close time of 5:01.11 by PAUL DAVIS of MIAMI DADE <with three guys doing the work of five>. Two one hundredths of a second folks, both turned in at THE BLAST AT THE BEACH IV. two time WORLD CHAMPION TEAM and 05 RELAY CHAMPIONS as well, TRAVIS AFB is right there, with their 5:02.71 at VA BEACH. And the new TEAM SWIFT TRANSPROTATION of BLUFF CITY TN are the top team times, with props to TEAM SUPPLEMENTS TO GO .COM KY for a couple of victory’s on TOUR 06. And how cool to see the BLUFF CITY guys back on the course. TEAM SWIFT TRANSPORTATION is the new name of the team that set the CHALLENGE world on fire in 04 with their top three finish in TEAM and RELAY. The network was burning the lines up with the news that the BLUFF CITY team would once again make a run for the title. These guys made their name the hard way, by earning it! No one gave them a second look, even when they were lighting it up all over. Now just knowing their back strikes fear into the comp across CHALLENGELAND. Add one more team to the elite of our sport again. Welcome back TEAM SWIFT TRANSPORTATION of BLUFF CITY.

In the RELAYS, TRAVIS AFB hold the fast time with their 1:13.65 at the STIHL MID ATLANTIC REGIONAL in VA BEACH. Followed by FT GORDON and BOCA RATON as the top relay teams of TOUR 06. The ladies from DEL RAY BEACH are still the hallmark women’s relay team in 06 with their 1:55.31 in DEERFIELD BEACH. But there’s some new girls on TOUR 06. THE WOMEN OF STIHL <VA BEACH> are a new force, and are making some noise out there with winning every event they have run, leading in points, and making the field of 16 in the men’s RELAYS at the PAUL DAVIS RESTORATION REGIONAL in YORK PA, besting more than a few men’s teams. And a field of seven women’s relay teams at the BASS PRO REGIONAL in MYRTLE BEACH tells me it’s going to be fun to watch the ladies fight it out for CHALLENGE glory this year. The FOX FORCE FIVE <FL>, ASHVILLE MOUNTIAN FIRE <NC>, and TKO <FL>, join LOW MAINTENANCE <VA>, and PPG of LAKE CHARLES <LA>, as teams to mix it up on the course for the top spot. The TANDUMS are really cool, and some of the teams are starting to stand out. THE SENIOR EXPRESS from MASS, and the TRIAD TANDUM <NC> rule the over 50s. CHARLOTTE <NC>, and of course new WORLD RECORD holders from PAUL DAVIS of OWENSBORO KY, BUTLER TECH <OH>, and STIHL TANDUM <VA>,  are turning fast times in the open.

Huge PROPS to all the citys on TOUR 06. And to all who worked so hard to bring the mighty SCOTT FIREFIGHTER COMBAT CHALLENGE to your town. To the new places we can’t wait to go back to. YORK PA, BRANDON MS, and INDY. All who were great hosts, and went out of their way to make us feel at home on the road. And our usual stops along the way. DEERFIELD BEACH, ROCKFORD, and of course HORRY COUNTY and MYRTLE BEACH. VA BEACH welcomed us back, with a great event as well. All places everyone should go and play. To all who worked with the CRUE, we salute you. All of our friends, new and old who stay and help, you rule. New iornman award to BIG JOE HORTON 03, 04, and 05 GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPION <LARGO FL> who has run individual, tandum, relay, and helped tear down, as well as run his now legendary KEISER tutalage session. How much more can one guy do?  Thanks….

As the mighty CHALLENGE speeds toward JANESVILLE WI, we feel the call, the CHALLENGE is in town and the peeps want the BEST OF THE BEST AND THE BRAVEST to put their mad skills on display. The CRUE is strong and living TOUR 06 for the fellowship. The times are fast and the racing is close. The road is long, but worth every mile. CHALLENGE glory is the quest, and the dreams of it can’t be resisted. Join the fellowship at a CHALLENGE near you and play hard. Life rolls on down the road and through the skys. The CHALLENGE lives again, better than ever in 06. See you soon……………….



At the age of 92 most people are greatful just to have a pulse. A trip to the bathroom and back to the couch or electric mobillity convaence is a huge acomplishment. Hell, just to be able to chew your own food can be a god send to most folks of that age. My hero, and dad,VINTON NIMROD, age 92, lives by a different creed. This morning, my father led the local police on a high speed chase through DERBY KS. The "prusuit" roared through the quiet streets at a death-cheating speed of up to 42 mph! Only ending when he pulled into our driveway totally unaware of the fact he had just endangered the lives of 3 or 4 squirrels and a stray cat. The officer was somewhat understanding of my dads plight, after all, he's kept his nose pretty clean. It's been almost two years since his last brush with the law <at age 90>, for pretty much the same manner of behavior. But the cops normally frown on anyone who runs from them so a fine was levied and my dad will stand accountable for his actions. You would think a lesson would be taken away from this, my dad only lements the fact that he should have kicked it up to 43. This is from a guy who wants to live to be 100 and get shot by a jelous husband. And you wonder where it comes from, we are a product of our surroundings. Happy new year everyone, and be on the look out for an EPIC YEAR END