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Lake Las Vegas, NV FCC Apr 26-28 Update

We’ve received a verbal commitment and a suitable location on the Lake has been arranged. All we are waiting for is the decision about Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun and a contract – both of which we hope to have next Tuesday, Feb 19. Thanks for your patience.

2019 Engagement Program

For the 2019 Season we will try to encourage more newcomers to compete in the Combat Challenge. To make this happen, click here to see the rules. As we mentioned before, this includes free registration for new relay teams, and credits for bringing out new Individuals.

2019 Season Kickoff

We will be kicking off the 2019 season with the first regional of the year with our event in Coweta, Oklahoma. Thanks to Lion's generosity, this event will be completely free for registration (which is now open.) See you in just two months!

Happy New Year - 2019 Schedule

We wish everyone a happy new year, and would like to share our first draft of the 2019 season.

World Challenge XXVII Survey
Now that everyone has returned from Worlds, we're once again asking our competitors to weigh in on how Worlds went. If you have the time, please take this short survey. We depend on your input to keep improving the Challenge.


The Montgomery team repeated their relay championship in an amazingly tough crowd of teams. More than 20 sub 1:20 teams is a testament to how strong the field has become. Congratulations also to all the other champions, Fit by FIre, Republic of Texas, and Knauf Isulation Slovenia just to name a few. We'll regroup and try for an even better 2019 season. Thank you all.

2018 World Champs

Congratulations DND Fredericton

The first final day of WCXXVII is over and the team of Jon Betts, Anthony Storey, Ryan Hallam, Dave Nicolle, and Jason Gallant have won. Congratulations on their first team victory.

Tandem Order

You can find the run order for tomorrow's tandems here.

World Challenge Wildcard Days FinisheD

Tomorrow is the Individual/Team final day. See you there.
The first page of the order can be found here.

World Challenge Day 3

Just one more day left to fight your way into the finals! You can see the first list here.

World Challenge Day 2

Two wildcard days are down. Just too more to determine who makes it to the finals. You can see the first run order of day 3 here. Current Standings are here.

World Challenge Day 1 Complete

We just had the first wildcard day of WCXXVII. Hundreds of competitors came downtown into Sacremento, to compete in the shadow of the State Capital. You can see the first run order of day 2 here.

World Challenge XXVII Begins

Tomorrow morning we'll start the wildcards of World Challenge XXVII. The first draft start order or tomorrow can be found here.

U.S. Nationals Day 3

The 2018 U.S. Nationals is finished, with Montgomery Blue edging out Forney Fire for the open relay championship. Just two weeks before World Challenge XXVII.

U.S. Nationals Day 2

Today we had the relay seeding and the tandem rounds. Montgomery Fire is in the lead with a relay time of 1:09, while the tandem Of Josh and Jake from Montgomery won the open category with a 1:16. New to the category, David Bowman almost swept the over 50 tandems, winning first and second with AL Ertzner and Walt White.

U.S. Nationals Day 1
2018 National Champs
Congratulations to all our winners today, including Team Firecraft, who won the U.S. Nationals "Granby" for the second time, 11 years later. Tandems and Relay seeding tomorrow.

Virginia State Fair Day 2

Kuwait Fire won a regional competition for the first time, taking down the open relay category. We also saw Todd Krukow win both the open and over 40 tandem categories (With Sören Warzok and Dave Valero). Next stop, Nationals in Branson, MO.

Virginia State Fair Day 1

Winston Salem's young team won the day, with a respectable 5:25. For the first time we saw a German, Canadian, Kuwaiti podium for the individual open (Sören Warzok, Matt Baca and Salem Alfadhala). Hannah Johnson took the female category.

Carlsbad Day 2

Today we saw again why Carlsbad holds the relay world record, they held on to win their own regional, taking the relay category as well as the open tandem category. We also saw Russell Krasnesky and Roy Dalton of Cellucor R&R win the over 40 tandem. Next weekend we're at the Virginia State Fair.

Carlsbad Day 1

An amazingly temperate day in Carlsbad saw Team USAFA return to the top of the podium, taking first in the team event. We also saw Rodney Smith of Hobbs, New Mexico run his first Sub 90. Relays and Tandems tomorrow!

Fort Pierce Day 2

Today saw the return of Challenge Legends MacKenzie Briggs and Kevin Vater, they battled it out with their partners(aaron Piering and Jeff Vater) for the open tandem championship, coming first and second. We also saw a ton of female relay teams, but the "We Just Met" team came out on top. We'll see you next week 2000 miles away in Carlsbad, NM.

Fort Pierce Day 1

Today we saw Ana Ruzevic enter the Lion's Den with a 2:50. Team Firecraft took the team category with a commanding performance. More relays and tandems tomorrow.

Worlds Hotels Posted

We now have more host hotel information for Sacramento. There's a new link on the worlds page or you can just go directly there.

Grand Island Day 1

Despite some overnight rain, it was a nice day to see the Nebraska state fair. Rapid City took the team victory for the third event in a row, putting them in the middle of a tough three way race for the GNC (Huntley 212, Lonnie's Minions 182, Rapid City 180). David Egdorf also took first place in the open category for the first time in 2018.

Elko Day 2

We saw a Kuwaiti competitor take first for the first time here, with Yousef Al Qallaf winning both male and coed tandems (with Sören and Jacqueline). Rapid City won the relay by just a hair, while Walt White and Clint Madden took the over 50 tandems. We'll see you in two weeks at the Nebraska State Fair, in Grand Island.

Elko Day 1

It was a nice day for racing here in Elko, Nevada. Today we saw Sören Warzok win the open competition for the first time. Rapid city won the team category, while we saw the return of some past competitors in the over 50 category, with Clint Madden and Walt White. Tandems and relays tomorrow.

Longmont Day 2

Hobbs and Team ATX battled it out with many other fast teams here in Longmont. At the end of the day, Hobbs took the relay championship. We'll be in Elko, NV next week.

Longmont Day 1
Rapid City took the team championship for the first time this year. We saw a great run by Fraser O'Niell to win the individual, while Todd Krukow added to his GNC point total with yet another over 40 win. Tandems and relays are tomorow.

World Challenge XXVII
Registration for World Challenge XXVII, in Sacramento, California is now open. The event will take place in front of the State Capitol on 10th Street, starting Monday morning, October 22 and follow our customary paradigm of four days of Wild Card eliminations and two days of World Championships.Hotel information is being assembled by our hosts, who remind me that Air BnB and other housing opportunities abound within and around the city.

Bloomington, MN Day 2

One more event is in the books. We saw Lonnie's Minions win the relay category, with the clever strategy of not letting Todd Krukow run 30 tandems. We also saw Shane Farmer partner up and win the open and over 40 tandem categories (with Ryan Fitzgerald and Russell Krasnesky.) We're off for the next few weeks until Longmont, Colorado... See you there.

Bloomington, MN Day 1

The challenge has returned to the Mall of America after a 16 year hiatus. We saw some blazing fast times, espcially including Ryan Fitzgerald, who once again set the fastest run of the season, a 1:18.10. Ryan has run 4 times this year and has the fastest four times. Huntley fire took gold in the team category once again. Relays and tandems tomorrow.

Seattle Event Cancelled

Despite our best efforts, we're going to have to try heading to the northwest next year. Chief Richard Burke and Chief James Hilliard worked hard to try and bring the challenge there, but it just didn't work out this year. Contrary to rumors, the official website is the place for the authoritative voice of the Firefighter Combat Challenge

Montgomery, AL Day 2

Around 200 firefighters competed today, our biggest day of the season. Unfortunately, with just a few races to go a storm struck, and we had to delay finishing the event. The competitors perservered through the elements, with Montgomery Alabama winning the open relay. We'll be in Bloomington, MN in two weeks.

Montgomery, AL Day 1

We returned to Montgomery, where the home team held strong. They won open male, female and team. Their team win was the closest we've seen this year, just beating Lexington out by .36 seconds. Relays and tandems coming up tomorrow!

Lexington, KY Day 2

Montgomery Blue took the relay and open tandems, while Sean Sullivan and Keltie-May NIcoll won two medals apeice for the tandem events. We also saw our first Over 60 relay of the year, with Stephen Bourassa, Bill Christiansen and William Gaughan combining. We'll be at Montgomery, Alabama next week!

Lexington, KY Day 1

It was a beautiful day here in bourbon country. We saw some great times, with all top 10 members under 100 seconds. In the end, Jake Lanier and Montgomery Blue edged out the local Lexington team to take gold. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Elkhart, IN Day 2

We saw Lexington beat Kitchener by less than half a second to take the relay win here in Elkhart. We also watched Brittany Hoffman take gold for Female (Jackie Palmer) and Co-Ed (Lance Conroy) tandems with some great times. We'll see you in Lexington, Kentucky next week!

Elkhart, IN Day 1

It was a hot day in Indiana today, where Huntley Fire won it's fourth regional of 2018. Matt Hansen took both the open as well as the over 40 categories. More to come tomorrow.

VA Beach 2019! – Presented By STIHL Inc
May 17-18, 2019 – First to go Green! We received confirmation from the generous folks at STIHL and the City of VA Beach of their continued support of firefighter fitness, health and wellness in 2019! Put it on your calendar and be sure to thank them – WE’LL BE BACK!

Bloomington Registration Open! Calling all Competitors!

A great opportunity to show 3M the benefits of their generous investment in the 3M / Scott Safety Firefighter Challenge national tour – right in their back yard at the world-renowned Mall of America. Hope everyone will come to help us thank the 3M / Scott Fire & Safety team for their incredible support of firefighter fitness, health, wellness and public safety! Registration is now open.

More Challenges Open

Elko, Grand Island and Carlsbad are now green and open for registration.

Sioux Center, IA Day 2

Rapid City Local 1040 snuck by the local Sioux Center team in the relay finals, taking the gold. In the tandems Shane Farmer took home three medals, 2 golds and a silver, with the Help of Fitzgerald, Krukow and Hilsenroth. We'll be in Elkhart Indiana in two weeks, see you there.

Sioux Center, IA Day 1

Ryan Fitzgerald and Huntley fire each continued their streak, winning the open and the team events. At the same time, Dave Punt became the first over 60 inductee to the Lion's Den for 2018.

Virginia Beach, VA Day 2

We had another Sullivan-less event here in Virginia Beach. West Licking took the open relay and tandem categories, snaking them away from the Local Virginia Beach Challenge team.

Virginia Beach, VA - Day 1

We dodged the rain today, while Todd Krukow became the male and over 40 champion for the second time this year. Huntley Fire took the team category, with their second win of the year.

Apopka Florida - Day 2

It was a gray day in Apopka, but the challenge soldiered on. We saw Montgomery Blue win the open relay competition, while IBTC Firecraft won the female relay. The open tandem was a international collaboration between Jon Betts and Ryan Fitzgerald, who finished with a 1:15.

Apopka Florida - Day 1

Ryan Fitzgerald showed off the new baby while winning the event with a 1:19. Montgomery Blue won their first event of the season in the team category. Will the reigning world champs take relay tomorrow? In addition, the 2018 flagsa (sponsored by Sunbelt) are in. Contact Daniel at an event to pick up your flag.

5/4/2018 - 5/5/2018
Tinley Park Days 1 and 2

Another event is in the books. On Day 1, Huntley Fire won the team category, while Todd Krukow conquered the male and over 40 indiviudal. However Lexington Fire came back strong on Saturday, winning the relay and overall tandem events.

FDIC Day 3

We completed the event withn some nice brisk morning weather (much better than last year.) The first event of Season 27 is in the books, with ChewBaca and Darth Vater (Matt Baca and Jeff Vater) winning the open tandem. We'll be in Tinley Park next weekend for the next stop on the tour.

FDIC Day 2

The first relay races of 2018 occured today right outside Lucas il Stadium. Firecraft won with a three man relay team, edging out Lexington. We'll be back tomorrow to wrap up a great event with tandems.

Season Twenty Seven Kicks Off at FDIC

Once again it's FDIC and once again the combat challenge has started a new season. There was great weather for the individual day, allowing some great runs by our comptitors. Ryan Fitzgerald took the open victory for the third year in a row, with another sub 20 run. Team Firecraft returned with an excellent 4:47 to take team. We'll see you all tomorrow for Relays.

Schedule Update before 2018 Season Begins

Click here for an update of the 2018 as of April 23, 2018 and, if you have an interest in hosting during the summer months, please let us know.

Miami Beach - Cancelled

For unpredictable reasons that were entirely beyond our control, the Miami Beach National Salute to America's Heroes Firefighter Challenge has had to be cancelled. We regret the inconvenience and share the disappointment with all who hoped we could pull this off.

New Schedule

Quite a few status changes have been received. Click HERE for the updates. Virginia Beach is now open for registration, as is Lexington, KY.

Schedule Updates:

VA Beach FCC – Presented by STIHL – has gone GREEN! Registration and event details will be published tomorrow.

Miami Beach – The Police and Fire Departments have approved our downtown Ocean Drive location. Everything is lined up BUT it is NOT a “done deal” unless and until the City of Miami Beach grants the permit for this extravaganza. Thanks for your patience.


Tinley Park is GREEN! The city has approved the downtown location and all is GREAT! Click here for details. See you there!

Schedule Update
Tinley Park, VA Beach and Miami Beach – Local hosting teams and we are still hopeful each of them will happen but important details need to be finalized before they are done deals. We will publish updates here as soon as we get them – hopefully next week. Meanwhile, click here for the schedule as of today. Thanks for your patience!

New Schedule

The 2018 schedule is firming up. Click HERE for the newest addition, including status updates. We still have two great July weekends available - July 13-15 and Jul 20-22. If you’re in the Midwest/surrounding states and are interested in hosting, please contact us.

New Year Updates

The 2018 schedule is being firmed up, FDIC is now open for registration, and more events will soon follow. World records by age can be seen here. Our January newsletter covers this and more, and you can see a copy of it here.

In addition, for those of you who don’t subscribe to any of the major fire journals, for the past 3 months, every issue of Fire-Rescue, Fire Engineering and Firehouse has been banded with a four-part color ad announcing “Now as One,” the merger of Scott Safety with the 3M personal protection division. The Challenge continues to march as the 3M/Scott Safety Firefighter Combat Challenge.

Merry Christmas
Here is the first draft of the 2018 schedule.

2018 Schedule
So you and we can make travel plans, our goal is to publish the 2018 schedule before the end of December. Meanwhile, thanks for a terrific 2017 season, and Holiday Greetings to All!

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