The Kids Firefighter Combat Challenge

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Firefighters have long enjoyed the admiration of children. Virtually every child at some point has looked wistfully at the fire trucks flashing their red lights and sounding their sirens, speeding on their way to assist citizens in need. The Firefighter Combat Challenge through the medium of television has elevated firefighters to the platform shared by professional athletes. It is logical that firefighters are viewed as the heroes they truly are, in contrast to some celebrities who aggressively seek fame for the promotion of self. There is no more noble profession than that which would risk life and limb to save another.

There are two major problems facing our nation's youth, both of which are remediable. The first is the deplorable lack of physical fitness. Data suggest that at no time in our nation's history have our children been so out of shape. Secondly, we lose more children to fire than all the major childhood diseases combined. In the fire safety category, the US leads all industrialized nations with the greatest loss of life and property per capita.

Going through the inflatable tunnel
Kids dummy drag

The Kid's Firefighter Challenge (KFC) is the logical extension of our efforts in showcasing the American Fire Service while at the same time, promoting physical fitness. Positioned near the adult version, or held coincidental with fire safety education programs, the Kid's Firefighter Challenge provides a tangible method of capturing the enthusiasm of children and channeling it in a positive direction. At some locations a fire safety house is also present to provide an educational platform for teaching kids to exit their home under smoke-filled conditions.

For the KFC each child is outfitted with a helmet and "turn-out gear." The events mirror those used in the Firefighter Combat Challenge. The details of the ensemble are accurate down to the reflectorized trim and Velcro closures on the tunic. In order, each child carries a shoulder load of hose, climbs to the top of our 12-foot inflatable tower, slides to the bottom, where they "stop, drop and roll." They then crawl through the tunnel, work the miniature Keiser Force Machine with the supplied mallet, advance a 1" wildland fire line with authentic nozzle striking a target and finally "make the rescue" with an appropriately sized mannequin.

The KFC can be used as a stimulus for a fire safety poster and essay contest, with winners participating at local Challenge events.

The Kid's Firefighter Challengeā„¢ is a natural for media coverage. Now you can host this attraction to promote your Public Education and community outreach programs with an attraction like none other. Kids can't wait to take the Challenge, and you'll have created a great platform for a learning environment for safety-related topics. Kids shoot a faux-hose at a real target

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