The Firefighter Combat Challenge (FCC) has helped to elevate firefighters to the heroes they truly are – and, there is no more noble profession than America’s fire / rescue professionals who risk life and limb to save others.

In addition, firefighters have long enjoyed the admiration of children. And, at some point in their lives, virtually every kid has looked wistfully at the fire trucks flashing their red lights, sounding their sirens, and speeding on their way to assist or rescue those in need. “I want to be a firefighter!”

The Kid’s Firefighter Challenge (KFC) is the logical extension of the FCC’s efforts to showcase America’s First Responder heroes and heroines while promoting a lifetime commitment to physical fitness, health, and wellness. Positioned near the adult version, the KFC travels with the Firefighter Challenge – providing a family-friendly and tangible method of capturing the enthusiasm of children and channeling it in a positive direction.

Geared toward kids in the 5-12 size and age group, each child that participates in the KFC is outfitted with a helmet and “turn-out gear.” Like the adult version, the KFC includes an obstacle course, a miniature Keiser Force Machine with mallet, and an authentic 1″ wildland fire hose pull with nozzle – including “shooting” a stream of water at a target, like the adult version.