New Relay Teams run for Free!

Click on the event you want to register for. Please make sure you know the names and birthdays for all competitors you wish to register.

2021 Fees will remain lowered for individual/team events, but will return to normal levels for tandem/ veteran relays.

2021 Challenge Tour Schedule

Due to Covid19, all events are much less certain than during a normal year. We will do our best to keep all competitors in the loop.

Event Key Confirmed / Planning / Possible

June 12-13: Rapid City, SD – Confirmed

Jul 8-10: Bismarck, ND – Confirmed

Aug 5-7: Indianapolis, IN – FDIC

Aug 12-14: Big Sky, MT – Confirmed

Aug 26-28: Chester County, PA

Sep 2-4: VA / MD

Sep 10-11: Pentagon – Arlington, VA

Sep 16-18: Columbus, OH

Sep 23-25: Little Rock/OSU

Oct 1-3: Carlsbad, NM

Oct 13-15: Jackson, MS State Fair

Oct 21-24: Nationals: Salt Lake City, UT

Oct 27-30: Pensacola, FL

Nov 1-6: Worlds XXX: Broward County, FL

And, a lot more to come! – Stay Tuned!