A Complete History of Event Locations around the Country (1991 – 2016):


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Q.What are the measurements of the baton that is used in the tandem?

A.The baton is 12″ in length and made from 1 1/4″ Schedule 40 PVC, with end caps.

Q.What is the distance between the hydrants?

A. The hydrants are placed fifteen feet apart.

Q. What are the dimensions of the hammer used on the force machine?

A. Trusty Cook, model #10, weight 9 lbs., face diameter 2 3/4″, head length 7″, overall length 30″.

Q. What are the dimensions of the box at the top of the tower for the hose pack?

A. Inside measurement is 14 1/4″ width by 50 1/2″ length by 12″ height. Outside measurement is 15 1/4″ width by 51 1/2″ length by 12″ height.

Q. What is the high rise pack made of and how does it stay together? What hose do you use? 3″ or 3.5″? How long is the piece? Do you use anything to keep the hose from shifting in a day of being thrown around the course?

A. 3″ and total length is 4′, banded with 3/4″ stainless steal banding.

Q. Also, same thing for the hoist pack. Is it 5″? Also, how long is it?

A. 4″ hose that is cut to a length that with all banding, etc. added, it is a combined weight of 42 lbs.

Q. Do you replace the nylon slider blocks on the bottom of the sled often or do you sand them down or something?

A. We clean the skids at the beginning of each event, to the point of scraping them with a paint scraper if necessary to get an foreign material out of the plastic. As needed we turn the skids over and start with a like new surface.

Q. Where can I find out what drugs and/or supplements are banned?

A. Check out the World Anti-Doping Agency’s website at http://www.wada-ama.org/ for a list of banned substances.

Q. Do you polish the tray that the sled slides on?

A. No, we only use denatured alcohol and water, with a towels and steel wool when necessary.

Q. Are you allowed to adjust where the high rise pack is placed on the ground prior to the start?

A. You are allowed to adjust the position within reason. There are markers on the mat that specify the area that the pack must be placed between. Ask the course official if you are unsure of your pack placement. And as always, do not touch the pack until the start signals have gone off.

Q. What is the type and diameter of the rope used to hoist the donut roll to the top of the tower?

A. (5/8″) 16mm kernmantel Sterling Rope.

Q. Do the turnouts have to have the liners inside?

A. Yes, the rules are quite explicit: your turnouts must be serviceable and in compliance with NFPA 1971- that means that you can fight fire with the equipment that you wear. See the specific section of the rules that covers this.

Q. In the relay competition who has to run down the stairs to pass the baton? The person doing the hose hoist or the person carrying the hose pack up the stairs?

A. The rules stipulate that you can choose whomever you wish: it just has to be a legal handoff.

Q. In the team competition where should the individuals put the baton?

A. You may put the baton where ever you’d like, so long as no one else touches it.

Q. Can you wear extrication style gloves, or do you have to wear structural firefighting gloves?

A. No, you must wear structural firefighting gloves.

Q. Can you keep running after you cross the 75′ stripe on the hose advance, opening the nozzel to hit the target while in stride?

A. Yes, and the event is considered over after the nozzle is shut down, in case you make an exchange there.

Q. Can the Rescue Randy’s feet be off the ground if you pick it up from behind in a bear-hug embrace, running backwards to the finish?

A. Yes, but the task is not finished until both the competitor and Rescue Randy have crosesed the finish line.

Q. Can the hose advance competitor be passed the baton while he is holding the nozzel and starting to run as long as he is beyond the hose advance doorway and the target is struck?

A. Yes, the event is considered complete after the target is struck and the nozzle is shut down. He does not have to have the nozzel on the ground.